Wednesday, February 4, 2009

All you need is LOVE!

I've gone and fallen head over heels in love with not ONE...but TWO new things that I must share with you...

Okay, I've been in such a RUT lately, it's not even funny! It had been months since I'd read something that I truly enjoyed...I believe the last thing was "Don Quixote" back in November and then I read "The Feast of Love" by Charles Baxter at Bookfool's urging and found that I really, really enjoyed it, but I wasn't in LOVE with it. I was very much in LIKE with "The Feast of Love". Read it when you get a chance, it's worth your time.

But, as so often happens at times like these, the VERY next book I picked up after "The Feast of Love" is turning into 'something'.

You know how you just get captivated by the way an author will describe a feeling that shouldn't even be able to be described in words? Or how a story will pull you along so hard that you forget you are sitting in your home with a book in your lap? Or how sometimes you feel so close to a fictional character that you can't believe they aren't part of your actual life? Yeah. Book love. The greatest feeling on Earth.

And I believe it's found me again.
I haven't finished it yet (in fact, to my glee, I've barely started it)...but I want to tell you all about it, so you can get started yourselves down the path of book love.

The Gone Away World
by Nick Harkaway. Like I said, I've barely started the book, but it seems to be a post apocalyptic story with ninjas and kung fu masters and truckers it for yourselves! It's wonderful! I will review it in full when I'm done. (I know it must be love because I can't bear the thought of being 'done' with it).

AND, secondly, I'm totally, totally in love with a young Indian actor named Allu Arjun (and of course, in Asia, the last name is first, so his first name is Arjun). Arjun is a big star in Tollywood..which is the film industry of the Telugu speaking area of India. His movies are CRAZY by American standards, but they are wonderful (mostly because of him)...they tend to be lighthearted love stories with MUSICAL numbers and FIGHT scenes!

It's almost impossible for me to describe what these movies are like...but I've bought three of them (yeah, I sent away to INDIA for the DVDs...that's how much I love these films), and I'm going to try to screencap and summarize the plots and see if I can't post videos of the dance guys HAVE to see's ASTOUNDING!

Arjun is a HELL of a great dancer...very athletic...very graceful...very enthusiastic. And he's as charming as all get-out. Anyway, like I said, I'll try to screencap the first movie and get up a review as soon as possible.

Here's a few pictures...just so you can see how adorable he is...

...and, ahem...


Anyway, stayed tuned for more...