Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lost Discussion ..."Since you Left" and "The Lie"

Dear Producers of Lost,
I'm a great admirer of your show. You might call me a 'fan'. As such, I would like a moment of your time to discuss a very important matter that affects the pleasure I take while watching your quality program.

Josh Holloway is a very handsome question. He's got lovely eyes, a great voice and dimples that can make a lady swoon....HOWEVER, seeing him without his shirt on is NOT the treat you seem to think it is.

Honestly, I see better physiques at my gym every single day. Please allow Mr Holloway to remain fully clothed for the remainder of the season. I would greatly appreciate it.


PS-I would like to say at this point that ANY TIME you want to let Naveen Andrews go without a shirt, I wholeheartedly approve.

On that note, I have to say EPIC FAIL to Jack. Look pal, would it have been SO much trouble to just remove Sayid's shirt before you put the heart monitors on him? I know you were pressed for time and all...but COME ON!!!

Oh the show. What did you guys think? I know this is the kind of episode that will make the casual viewer either stop watching or grab his head in agony...but we aren't casual viewers here, are we?? Discuss in the comment section...where spoilers WILL've been warned.