Thursday, October 1, 2009

Read These...

Okay, lovely lit-blogger 3M suggested that perhaps I could do an occasional post on books that have caught my eye (or heart, or imagination) recently. I like that idea, but I'm not interested in doing summaries of the plots or even discussing why I enjoyed the book...I just want to recommend to anyone who is interested a few good reads. So, to that end, I'll let the authors speak for themselves, and just post a quick excerpt that I like.

If I post a book here, I loved it, and I highly recommend it.

Let's see how long I can do this. :D

"This place is a mystery. A sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens. In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader's hands, a new spirit..

"Is that the movement of the world? An infinitesimal lapse that has just succeeded in ruining the possibility of perfection forever? ...all those things that pass before us, which we miss by a hair and which are botched for eternity...all the words we should have said, gestures we should have made, the fleeting moments that were there one day and that we did not know how to grasp and that were buried forever in the void..Failure, by a hair's breadth."

Also of interest...

Isn't this apple the coolest thing ever? I really hope this isn't a hoax.

Robert Downey Jr is going to play Elwood P Dowd?? Okay, he's no Jimmy Stewart, but I'm still going to pay to see it.

The Booker Award shortlist was announced. Looking at those books stacked like that makes me really want to read them all. At least I did, until I read the summaries...zzzzzzzzzz!

Newsflash!! Americans have an unhealthy diet. Since I been reading up on fitness and nutrition and applying them to my own life, I've started to notice how the people around me eat. It's atrocious! I just want to go around slapping the doughnuts out of people's mouths...even skinny people. I've become a food Nazi {{hangs head in shame}}.


"Everything has a beginning and an end. And if it was good, the end is always sad." ~ Shah Rukh Khan, Indian movie star.

I love Shah Rukh Khan so much. His name means "Face of a king"....his parents obviously knew what they were doing. So handsome!

If you have Netflix, I highly recommend getting a copy of "Asoka" or "Chak De: India!"...both are great, great movies.

Okay, until next month...kookie out!